Obama will not address Knesset in upcoming Israel visit

US President Barack Obama will not speak in the Knesset on his March 20 visit to Israel, a senior Knesset source said on Wednesday.
According to the source, requests for Obama to address the Israeli people in its representative body were rejected, and the Knesset is not preparing for him to give a speech in the plenum.
Last month, acting Knesset Speaker Binyamin Ben Eliezer and MK Reuven Rivlin (Likud Beytenu), speaker of the previous Knesset, asked Prime MInister Binyamin Netanyahu to request that Obama address the plenum.
"The Israeli people certainly are thirsty to hear the President of the US speak to it directly, and there is no better place for him to do it than the Knesset," Ben-Eliezer stated.