On eve of 2012, Israel’s population surpasses 7.8 million

On the eve of 2012, Israel’s population has now reached 7,836,000, according to figures released Thursday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), ahead of the start of the secular New Year on Sunday.
In terms of ethnic divisions, Israel’s Jews now count for some 5,901,000 or 75.3 percent of the population, down from 5,802,000 or 75.4% last year; Arabs citizens make up a further 1,610,000 million or 20.5%, up from 20.4% or 1,573,000 in 2011. The remaining 320,000 people or 4.2% of the population is not registered as either Jewish or Arab according to the Interior Ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority.
Overall, the numbers show a steady growth rate of 1.8% or an increase of 141,000 individuals to the population over the past year, a rise that has been consistent since 2003 and that reflects a similar growth rate to the 1980s, prior to the mass aliya of Jews from the Former Soviet Union during the 1990s.