Opposition demands Netanyahu resign while Right denounces Abbas as 'gang leader'

Meretz called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign Saturday night, holding a protest in front of his official residence in Jerusalem.
Party chairwoman Zehava Gal-On on Saturday night called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate with the Palestinians instead of “managing the conflict.”
“Whoever doesn’t recognize this threat and continues to play the victim, finding excuses for refusing [to negotiate] and blabbering about Iran, and bribing his friends with natural gas or a casino in Eilat, is a failed prime minister who is not worthy of being prime minister and has to go home,” she said at a Meretz demonstration near the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.
“The whole country is on fire, and instead of voicing hope and calm, what we hear are messages of hatred, incitement and racism from rabbis, from organizations that already committed hate crimes in the past and from right-wing politicians,” she added.