Opposition leader: EU should help push Iran out of Syria

BRUSSELS - The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal opens the way to raising pressure on Tehran to stop its military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and leave the country, a Syrian opposition leader said on Thursday.
Nasr Hariri of the Syrian Negotiation Commission (SNC) spoke in the EU political hub Brussels as Assad declared separately that US forces should leave Syria because people in the Middle East were tired of foreign invasions.
Hariri pushed back against Assad's comments, stressing that Russia and Iran had been fighting on behalf of Assad in the Syrian war, helping him retake considerable territory from rebels and Islamic groups. Hariri said there were now up to 100,000 Iranian or Iran-affiliated fighters in the country.
"The role of Iran is getting bigger and bigger, at the expense of our people," Hariri said. "So we are supporting any international mechanism that could limit the influence of Iran in the region in general, and in our country in particular."
"We cannot separate one from another, the (Iranian) nuclear program from Tehran's missile program and Iran's malign behavior in our region," he said.
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