Over 100 countries ask South Korea for coronavirus testing help

South Korea has received requests from 121 countries for help with coronavirus testing, a foreign ministry official said on Wednesday, as authorities around the world come under intense pressure to curb the spread of the disease.
South Korea's massive testing campaign, backed by intensive contact tracing, has been credited with helping slow the spread of coronavirus in the country, which once had the second largest outbreak after China.
"We're getting so many requests from various countries as we have built experience from the early outbreak. The number, which is now 121 countries, is rising by the day," the official said asking not be named citing diplomatic sensitivity.
South Korea has set up a task force to determine how it can offer assistance, either with exports of kits or other humanitarian aid, the ministry official said.
The official did not name the countries but South Korean test kit makers have contracts to supply U.S. states and countries including Italy.