Over one million Israelis filed for unemployment

 Data published by the Israeli Employment Service on Monday showed that over 96,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits since the start of April, bringing total unemployment to nearly 1,085,500 or 26.1% of the workforce.
Notably, the share of new applicants during April that have been made redundant stands at 11.3%, and a further 80.6% are employees placed on unpaid leave. During the latter half of March, redundancies stood at approximately 5% and unpaid leave at 90%. 
"As it looks this evening, we are expecting to see a continuing rise in the number of redundances in the coming weeks - both due to the end of the large wave of employees placed on unpaid leave, but also because a proportion of applicants initially classified as on unpaid leave may have now became redundant," said Employment Service director-general Rami Garor.
"After the [Passover] holiday, and as far as it possible for the workforce in Israel to return to work, we will start to develop a better idea of the direction of things." 
The Employment Service also noted a significant increase in minorities applying for unemployment benefits in April. Jobseekers of Muslim, Druze and Christian origin increased to 25.5% of all claimants, compared to 17.6% in March.
A similar increase was also identified among older jobseekers. Individuals aged 55 and over represent 17.6% of claims submitted in April, compared to 14.8% in March.