Pakistani cleric launches anti-ISIS curriculum in Britain

LONDON- A prominent Pakistani Islamic cleric launched a "counter-terrorism" curriculum in London on Tuesday, to rebut the message of militant groups such as Islamic State (ISIS) and stop young people becoming radicalized and heading to Syria.
Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri, a politician, scholar and fiery orator, said he wanted his 900-page curriculum, containing theological and ideological arguments to undermine extremists, to be taught not just at mosques and Islamic institutions but at schools across Britain.
"We want to make clear that all activities being carried out by ISIS or any other terroristic and extremistic organization either in the name of God or religion or establishing any kind of Islamic state by acts of violence ... are totally in violation of the Koran and Islam," he told Reuters.
The launch of the curriculum comes after Prime Minister David Cameron called on Muslim communities to do more to stop young people being radicalized by groups such as ISIS, saying some Muslims were quietly condoning extremist views.