Palestinian ambassador expects immediate return of Palestinian body

The Palestinian ambassador to Malaysia, Dr. Anwar al-Agha, told the Malaysian radio station "Berenma" that "the return of the body of Dr. Fadi al-Batsh," a Palestinian weapons engineer who worked for Hamas,  "...who was shot to death on Saturday morning, to the Gaza Strip is expected within 24 hours."
The ambassador revealed that the latest development was based on the ongoing dialogue with several elements in Egypt, including his family's move to the Gaza Strip.
"On Monday I initiated talks through the Egyptian embassy in Kuala Lumpur and through the Palestinian embassy in Cairo," Al-Agha said, according to The New York Times. "They told me they were in the middle of a process" to transfer the body.
"Today or tomorrow we will receive the permit to transfer the body," said the Palestinian ambassador. "I am sure that the Egyptian side will fully cooperate in the process of returning the body, and I hope that we will soon be updated, since we have already ordered plane tickets for Dr. Al-Batsh's family."
It should be noted that Monday the police released computerized images of two suspects in the assassination of Batsh. Their pictures were transferred to all the border crossings of Malaysia. The Palestinian ambassador praised the "very professional work of the authorities in Malaysia," stressing that "we have full confidence in them, and our embassy officer is also in contact with Malaysian authorities and receives regular updates on the investigation."