Palestinians bid farewell to Abu Ein

RAMALLAH – Stores were closed, Christmas lights turned off and schools canceled in Ramallah on Thursday. A general strike had been announced and a three-day mourning period declared after the death of senior Palestinian official Ziad Abu Ein in Turmus Aiya village the day before.
Thousands of mourners flocked to the Mukata presidential headquarters in Ramallah before noon to attend the military funeral of Abu Ein, who died of a heart attack after he was pushed by Israeli Border Police on Wednesday morning during a demonstration.
As they entered the main gate, officials, including Hamas leaders, lined one side of the square, and members of the public lined up on the opposite side. Palestinian flags stood at half-mast.
Abu Ein’s widow, sons and other relatives took their place next to the officials. Next Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas came, paid his respects to the family and took his place at the widow’s side.