Paramedics treat 92 people at annual Lag Ba’omer gathering on Mount Meron

Magen David Adom treated 92 people at the annual public celebration of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai on Mount Meron, overnight on Wednesday.
Hundreds of thousands attended the Lag Ba’omer event in the North. MDA forces from the Yarden Region and other branches from all over the country were positioned around the mountain to be on hand to provide medical attention.
12 participants were evacuated to a hospital in Safed. Injuries included bruises, dehydration and excessive consumption of alcohol.
Ahead of the festivities, MDA set up a special control center on Mount Meron and two clinics, one in the Meron Yeshiva and the other at the foot of the mountain, manned by doctors, paramedics and medics. Next to the rabbi’s grave, hundreds of paramedics, medics, employees and volunteers were deployed to provide immediate medical attention to anyone requiring treatment or evacuation to the clinics; intensive care units, ambulances, a mass casualty station and mobile clinics were also set up.