Piron: Education system is not adapted to 21st century

The education system in Israel is not adapted  to the 21st century, Education Minister Shai Piron said at a conference for strategic thinking in education held this week at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem.
“Israeli children read less and think less,” he said, “There were a few changes and blessed things that happened but it is not enough, it does not match the rate of what the world demands of our children.”
“We are committing an offense to our job because teachers know that what they are  teaching and doing irrelevant,” Piron added, “They know they are cooperating with a problematic manipulation and that needs to change.”
Piron stressed the importance of updating the system and said that the reason why it has not been done yet has to do with the fact that politicians don’t tend to undertake project as such, which he claimed  “will take 15 years.”
"There should be a clear decision to go for the long term because that's what the next generation needs,” he continued, “I can’t commit to always do the right things but I do commit to doing only things that relate to long-term infrastructures in the Israeli education system.”