Plans to build IDF military college in Jerusalem Forest draws protest

After controversial plans to construct an IDF military college atop Mt. Scopus were abruptly shelved earlier this month amid speculation of pronounced US pressure, new controversy has arisen over talk this week of alternately building the complex in the Jerusalem Forest.
The proposed 42,000-square-meter college – initially planned beyond the Green Line, between the Arab neighborhood of A-Tur and the Hebrew University – was approved by the Interior Ministry, Jerusalem Municipality, and other relevant governing bodies nearly two years ago.
However, the project immediately engendered controversy.
Indeed, when the proposal was brought to a vote by the Jerusalem Municipality’s Local and District Planning and Building Committees in 2013, Deputy Mayor Pepe Alalu (Meretz) vocally dismissed the project as politically motivated and divisive. 
“Building an army college, especially over the 1967 Green Line, is very problematic,” Alalu said at the time.