PM at FADC meeting: 'Hamas is getting stronger in Egypt'

Hamas is getting stronger in Egypt and has moved to run its operations more from Egypt than from Syria because of the uprising there, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting.
"The Muslim Brotherhood is also not insignificant in Egypt," Netanyahu warned. "We are concerned about what happens around us, especially in Egypt and Jordan."
The prime minister stressed that the situation should be shared with the public in light of the changing reality in the region.
"This was true before I left the US and even more so after what I said there," he stated, adding that his objective in the US was to try to unite all the parties over the importance of "recognizing Israel as the Jewish state" and that there should be an "Israeli military presence along the Jordan [River], that the refugee problem will not be solved in Jordan, and that Hamas is not committed to the principles of the Quartet."