PM: If quiet in South violated we'll respond strongly

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu monitored the developments in Gaza throughout the day on Wednesday. "If the quiet is violated, we will respond strongly," he said before his meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide. "The security of Israel's citizens is my chief concern and we will know how to defend the security of our people."
Earlier in the day, the UN's envoy Robert Serry issued a statement saying he was "worried about the volatile situation on the ground" manifest by "renewed firing of rockets from Gaza" and "continued tensions over unresolved prisoner issues."
He said the "renewed violations of the ceasefire risk undermining the ‘understanding’ reached between Israel and Gaza on 21 November, and unraveling the gradual but tangible improvements achieved since then in the easing of the closure and the security situation in Gaza and southern Israel."
The United Nations "condemns the indiscriminate firing of rockets into civilian areas," he said, "and calls on Israel to act with restraint.  The United Nations will continue to support Egyptian efforts to restore the calm and fully implement the ceasefire understanding as the only viable way to address the unsustainable situation in Gaza."
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry said Paris "harshly condemns" the rocket fire on the "civilian population in south Israel," and called for the honoring of the ceasefire agreed upon in November.