PM: Infiltrators must be put in jail

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will work to advance new legislation allowing Israel to jail “illegal work infiltrators” at detention facilities in the south, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday.
Netanyahu’s office said that the legislation would take into account recommendations made by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar this week, which were meant to find legal means to deal with the African migrant issue.
Last month, the Supreme Court overturned an amendment to the infiltrator’s law that allowed Israel to jail migrants in detention centers for three years pending a review of their refugee status. Reports earlier this week indicated that in an attempt to get around that decision, Sa’ar, the Interior Ministry and the Justice Ministry were working to formulate a plan that would once again see migrants jailed, but not for as long as before.
In a hearing held by Netanyahu with Sa’ar and Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein Thursday morning, the prime minister said that “it’s impossible to stop the infiltrators solely through the use of a fence. We must continue to incorporate the different means that will bring to the absolute end of infiltration to Israel – a physical barrier alongside efficient legal and economic tools.”