PM: Negotiations with Palestinians must be renewed without preconditions

Netanyahu Negotiations

Peace talks with the Palestinians must resume without preconditions, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday. Speaking at the opening of the Likud faction meeting, Netanyahu said, "Since the formation of this government, I have called for a resumption of negotiations with the Palestinians without prior conditions. I believe that negotiations about the nature of negotiations have delayed the process enough and should be dropped." The prime minister went on to say, "I wish for the resumption of talks without preconditions… in which both sides can express their views… and I will insist on maintaining our national interests." The prime minister also addressed earlier reports of a US peace initiative that could result in a Palestinian state in two years' time. "I see in the media certain viewpoints, plans and border lines that have been attributed to me. There is no truth in this. I want to clarify that my views have not changed," he said.