Poland sets conditions for accepting more migrants

Poland may accept more migrants if the European Union secures its external borders, separates those who need help from economic migrants, and allows Warsaw a say in screening them from the point of security, a deputy foreign minister said.
Rafal Trzaskowski, secretary of state for European affairs, said Poland was ready to show more solidarity as the migrant crisis has turned into a humanitarian catastrophe.
"If certain conditions are met, we are willing to show more solidarity than so far," he was quoted as saying by website. "What are the conditions?"
"We have to firmly secure EU's external borders, we have to clearly distinguish economic migrants, accepting whom we cannot afford, from refugees that one needs to help, because they are fleeing death or persecution," he said.
Trzaskowski said the third condition was that the Polish government had influence over the verification of those accepted from the point of view of security threats.
Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz last week that Poland was considering raising the number of migrants from the initially declared 2,000.
The Polish parliament is scheduled to hold an extraordinary sitting to debate the migrants crisis on Wednesday.