Police arrest 2 Arab suspects for inciting violence on Internet

Following an undercover investigation, police arrested two Arab men from east Jerusalem on Monday night and Tuesday morning for inciting and supporting terrorism via social media. Since the terror wave engulfed the capital last October, police said a cyber team has focused on Internet incitement as much as the attacks themselves.
While details of the investigation remain unclear, police said one unidentified suspect, a bus driver in his 20s, used Facebook to “support the ‘martyrs,’ and terrorists, calling them ‘heroes,’” while adding provocative images and videos. The suspect confessed to the charges against him and was arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, police said.
The second unidentified suspect was arrested on Monday night for using Facebook to support Hamas and incite violence against Jews, police said. Noting that the defendant has thousands of followers, a Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge on Tuesday extended his remand to Thursday as the investigation continues.