Police arrest haredi extremists in Beit Shemesh

In what was likely a covert police operation, five haredi extremists were arrested in Beit Shemesh late Monday night after physically and verbally assaulting two men who were ostensibly haredi IDF soldiers.
During the incident, dozens of haredi extremists, mostly children and youths, surrounded and verbally assaulted two haredi IDF officers late Monday night in one of the radical Beit Shemesh neighborhoods.
The two soldiers walked slowly but surely away from the mob, but were closely followed by the extremists who harassed and verbally assaulted the two men.
According to the police, some of the suspects attacked and shoved the soldiers.
In video footage published by the Kikar Hashabbat haredi news website, plainclothes police personnel suddenly intervened at the scene and began arresting individuals from the mob.
In a short statement, police said, “Police-initiated actions against those who assault service men in uniform have been going on for an extended period, with an emphasis on haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh.”