Police nab fugitive American pedophile hiding out in Jerusalem

Police nab fugitive Amer

Israeli police on Tuesday caught a American fugitive convicted of child molestation hiding out at a hostel in Jerusalem. US authorities had asked Interpol to contact Israel police in an effort to locate Donald Nelson, 59, sentenced to 110 years in prison for 52 charges involving the sexual molestation of children. The elite national investigative task force Lahav 433 launched a multi-faceted investigation that led to Nelson's location at the "Jaffa Gate" hostel in the Old City. When officers arrived at the scene they arrested Nelson, who had grown out his hair and beard. Nelson, who is not Jewish, entered Israel on a tourist visa early in 2009. The visa expired in April and Donald was illegally residing at the hostel in the Old City ever since. Authorities plan to extradite Nelson to the United States in the coming days.