Polish government condemns attack on Israeli soccer team

WARSAW - The Polish government said on Thursday it condemns the attack by a group of hooligans on members of the Israeli soccer club Hapoel Petah Tikva near Warsaw, which the Israeli embassy said was motivated by antisemitism.

Two people were injured late on Wednesday when a group of masked hooligans attacked the Israeli team after an exhibition game with the local MKS Ciechanow, some 74 km (46 miles) away from Warsaw.

"The Israeli embassy in Warsaw has been shocked and saddened by the news of another anti-Semitic incident," Michal Sobelman, spokesman for the embassy, told Reuters.

"These 'pseudo-fans' not only harm good Polish-Israeli relations, but first of all they are damaging to Poland's image abroad."

Polish government spokesman Rafal Bochenek said police were investigating the incident and would detain those responsible.

"We strongly condemn aggression and violence against any person," he said in a statement.

Around 20,000 Jewish people are estimated to live in Poland. About three million Polish Jews were murdered in the Holocaust during World War Two.