Poll: French back Hollande's first days in power

PARIS - Close to two thirds of French people approve of President Francois Hollande's actions in his first days in power, a poll showed on Saturday, giving him a strong foundation to face a parliamentary election and the challenges of the euro crisis.
Hollande took on the top job on May 15 at a time of stagnating economic growth and high unemployment in France and heightened anxiety over Greece's ability to remain in the euro zone.
His early days saw a burst of activity, packing in trips to Berlin and Washington to defend his pro-growth stance on the euro zone and confirm his plan for an early withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan.
The self-styled "Mr Normal", has also endeared himself to the French public at a time of economic hardship by cutting his salary by 30 percent and promising to take the train to official meetings rather than the presidential jet.