Poll: Muslims, ultra-Orthodox, 'leftists' seen as giving least to Israel

Muslim Arabs, haredim and those on the political left are seen as contributing the least to Israeli society a new study on pluralism in Israel, conducted for the Jewish People Policy Institute, has found.
The survey, published on Sunday, examined the extent to which the different social sectors and groupings comprising Israeli society are able to equally exercise their differences in the public sphere. 
The study was conducted by Panels Politics on a sample of 1,000 Jewish individuals, of whom 30.4% defined themselves as secular, 20.8% as secular traditional, 22.5% traditional, 4% as liberal religious, 10.3% as national-religious and 10.1% as haredi.
The study was supported by the William Davidson Foundation.
According to the survey, when asked to rate different sectors by their contribution to Israeli society on a scale of one to four, one being negative and four being positive, Muslim Arabs came last with a combined score of 1.73, followed by haredim on 2.39 and “left-wingers” with 2.46.
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