Poll: Obama and Hillary Clinton are 'most admired'

WASHINGTON — For the third straight year, US President Barack Obama ranked as the man most admired by people living in the US, according to an annual USA Today-Gallup poll.
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was the most-admired woman for the ninth year in a row, edging out former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and TV host Oprah Winfrey, as she did last year.
The poll, released Monday, asked respondents what man and woman, living anywhere in the world, they most admired. Rankings from one to 10 were based on total mentions and reported in percentages.
Obama has been the poll's most-admired man since his election in 2008. With 22 percent choosing him, Obama leads his predecessors, George W. Bush, with 5 percent, and Bill Clinton, with 4 percent.