Pollard's wife asks PM to renew call to free agent

Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard's wife Esther called upon President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Tuesday night to reissue their request for clemency from US President Barack Obama.
Pollard, who will be marking her husband's 9800th day in captivity Thursday, said she was puzzled that Netanyahu did not mention him in Rosh Hashana interviews he granted The Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom.
"This is Jewish High Holy Day season, which is a time of special grace," she said. "It is a time when leaders can make special requests in honor of the holidays, and a time when special requests may be granted as a goodwill gesture to the Jewish People. As Jonathan's wife, I urge and implore both PM Netanyahu and President Peres to exploit the golden opportunity that the High Holy Days present in order to make a heartfelt appeal on behalf of the people of Israel for Jonathan's immediate release."
Pollard said her husband's health has continued to deteriorate. She said she had planned to visit him for the holidays but he asked her to cancel her plane ticket, because he was in no shape for a visit.