Pro-settler soldier: I might shoot other soldiers or Arabs

A recently recruited IDF soldier who participated in protests against the army in Gush Katif, Hebron and Migron, said that if he is given orders which contravene halacha, he might use his weapon against other soldiers and against Arabs, and might hurt himself if he is forced to continue serving, Israel Radio reported Wednesday. The soldier asked not to be drafted, but both a Shin Bet evaluation and IDF psychiatrists determined that he was fit to serve. But the soldier refused to wear an IDF uniform and was put in a military prison. On Wednesday, he was expected to be released from prison and return to the IDF's main recruitment base near Tel Aviv. He said many of his friends shared his views and joined the military in order to receive combat training for "when the need arises." The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that upon his release from military prison, the rest of the soldier's service would be reevaluated just like other soldiers who have served time in prison.