Palestinian stabbed Ori Ansbacher, then raped her - report

Police declared their intent to charge Arafat Irfaiya with murder.

With the police declaring on Sunday the state’s intent to eventually charge a Palestinian with murdering Ori Ansbacher in Jerusalem’s Ein Yael Forest, new details also emerged, including that the man stabbed her before raping her.
The police declaration filed on Sunday with the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court against 29-year-old Arafat Irfaiya of Hebron on suspicion of the murder around a month ago means that he will likely be formally indicted by the state prosecution on Thursday.
In the meantime, his pre-indictment detention was extended until at least Thursday.
Over the weekend, Channel 12 reported that Irfaiya crossed into Israel from the West Bank illegally with a general intent to kill a Jew out of revenge for his perception of Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians, but with no specific plan.
The report added that he saw the 19-year-old Ansbacher of Tekoa, and decided that he would have sexual relations with her whether willing or not.
He stabbed her three times and dragged her to an even more abandoned spot. Next, he stabbed her a few more times and stuffed her mouth with her scarf so she could not scream. After that, he raped her, broke her telephone so she could not call for help and left her to die.
Previously, the Palestinian confessed to the Shin Bet and reconstructed the crime for them.
He was eventually caught while trying to hide in a mosque. Presumably because of the rape, no Palestinian group has voiced support for him or taken credit for the attack.
The brutal murder shocked Israel, leading to a wave of protests demanding terrorists be handed death sentences, as well as an outpouring of grief over the death of Ansbacher.

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