Ramle magistrate extends custody of double homicide suspect by 2 days

A Ramle magistrate on Sunday extended the custody of Eli Fahima, who is suspected of murdering and dismembering a woman he was romantically involved with and her daughter last month, by nine days. Beatrice Rodov, 62, and her daughter Denise, 36, were laid to rest last week. Their mutilated bodies were discovered separately in a Ramat Gan garbage can which had been set alight and in the Alexander River north of Netanya in August. After examining a secret police report which detailed progress into the homicide investigation, Magistrate Ami Kobo wrote in his ruling that "reasonable evidence exists to tie the suspect to the charges against him." The special police Lahav 433 unit and the National Serious and International Crimes Unit tracked Fahima down in northern Israel on August 16 by tracing the signal of a cell phone that he had taken from the apartment of the murder victim. Fahima was also in possession of a car that had belonged to the murder victim. Both bodies had been decapitated and several limbs were missing. The motive, police say, was "a dispute over money."