Report: 50 people killed in clashes in Libyan town

At least 50 civilians were killed Saturday overnight in the oil refining town of Zawiyah in Libya after heavy fighting between protesters and troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Reuters reported quoting local residents.
"The heavy artillery was mounted on four-wheel drive vehicles and they indiscriminately sprayed dwellers in the square. Youths, children, elderly and women have died. I have counted the casualties," a witness told Reuters.
"Some buried their kin in the square while others were buried in the town's cemetery ... About 50 were severely wounded, many of them may not make it," Reuters quoted him as saying.
"They (forces loyal to Gaddafi) have also taken at least 30 mostly young men aged between 17 and 35 to an unknown location," he added.
Reuters said his account could not immediately be verified.