Report: Druze leaders, Netanyahu discuss agreement after Nation-State row

The special status of Israel's Druze community, as well as that of the country's Circassians, will be enshrined in law, according to a newly drafted road-map discussed by Druze leaders and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released Wednesday
The documents goes on to say that any member of any community or faith who serves in Israel's armed forces will be able to enjoy state benefits and have their service recognized. The Druze community will also be given state support for the maintenance of community institutions and housing projects. 
The draft is meant to be submitted to the Knesset during the upcoming winter session.
If accepted, the agreement could resolve the wide-scale protests of Druze and Jewish Israelis against the Nation-State Law's failure to acknowledge the service of many non-Jewish Israelis in the IDF.
Some Druze leaders have rejected the proposed agreement, Ynet news reported.