Report: Iran begins construction of US drone duplicate

Iran has started to construct a duplicate of the US-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicle Tehran claims it downed last year when it was spotted flying over Iranian territory, Iranian news agency Mehr reported according to Revolutionary Guards commander.
Iran's construction of the new drone, announced by the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division chief Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh to commemorate the founding of the Revolutionary Guards, is based on data extracted from the downed spy plane, which the Iranian military claims it was able to ground without causing substantial damage to the aircraft. Iran has repeatedly displayed images of the American stealth plane through Iranian media.
The UAV is 5.4 meters in length, and has a wingspan of 26 meters, Mehr reported. The aircraft is able to avoid detection by radar systems through "special materials that compose its exterior," according to the report.
Iran's downing of the American drone was an embarrassment for the Obama administration, which subsequently asked Iran to return the plane.
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