Report: Israel, Hamas exchange messages via Egypt

Israel and Hamas have exchanged messages via Egypt following an escalation in the South last week in which Palestinians fired several rockets into Israel and the IAF responded with two airstrikes, Palestinian media reported on Saturday.
According to a report in the Al-Quds newspaper cited by Palestinian news agency Ma'an, Israel said it would respond to every ceasefire violation with military action and by restricting Gaza crossings and the fishing zone. Israel also reportedly told Hamas that it should inform Egyptian mediators if it is unable to control the Gaza Strip.
Last week marked the first IAF airstrike on Gaza since the Egyptian-brokered truce came into effect following Operation Pillar of Defense in November.
Hamas responded to Israel's messages saying that it had tightened control of border areas and informed all factions to abide by the ceasefire, according to Al-Quds. It added that it had arrested Salafi militants responsible for firing rockets and requested that Israel refrains from further attack on the Strip.
Israeli officials said that Israel's message regarding the firing from Gaza was the same publicly as it was privately: that it will not tolerate a renewed "sprinkle" of rocket fire and held Hamas responsible.
Egypt had a role in brokering the ceasefire that ended Operation Pillar of Defense in November, one official said, adding that both Hamas and Israel made commitments on the matter to the Egyptians.
"We have good communications with the Egyptians," the official said.
 Herb Keinon contributed to this report