Report: Syria moves troops to Lebanese border

Syria reportedly moved troops on Saturday to the Lebanese border following its threat on Friday warning Lebanon not to harbor rebel fighters.
“[President] Bashar Assad’s army has started early Saturday morning bringing in more military vehicles and troops to several posts in the area, specifically along the river [Al-Nahr al-Kabir] which separates Lebanon from Syria,” eyewitnesses told the Turkish Anadolu news agency, as reported by the Now Lebanon website.
The report also said that Syrian military outposts can be seen from the Lebanese side of the border.
Meanwhile, sources told the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) TV on Saturday that the Syrian army set up two detonators in Syrian territory across from the former office of Lebanese General Security in al-Abboudieh. The channel also reported on Saturday that residents living near the Syrian border live in fear as shells continue to fall in their towns coming from the Syrian side of the border. Many of the residents have fled their towns, calling on the government to defend them.