Republican candidates slam Trump in Las Vegas debate

Republican Candidates on Tuesday  criticized front-runner Donald Trump for proposing to ban Muslims from entering the United States and blamed him for hogging the media spotlight with his controversial comments.
"Mr. Trump has said two things that I think are incredibly dangerous. He said he'd ban all Muslims coming to America, he's declaring a war on religion, he's got it absolutely wrong, we need to partner with people in the religion which is most to destroy a radical strain of Islam which threatens them. He has also taken an approach to immigration that I think is killing the Republican Party. You're not going to grow your vote among Hispanics when you call most illegal immigrants rapists and drug lords," said South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.
"You know I think it's all been about ratings and saying outrageous things and way more than half of the entire coverage the media has given to the Republican candidates has been about Donald Trump. The more outrageous and stupid things he says the more media attention he gets and it is impacting the race. They are also limiting the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary because there you talk to the voters, not on TV, but across the table, that's retail politics, that's the best way to select a leader for our country," said candidate George Pataki, the Former New York Governor.
Trump has dominated the last few weeks of the campaign with his call for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States, following a married couple's Dec. 2 massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino, California, inspired by Islamic State.
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