Republicans blitz Trump at presidential debate

US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump came under withering attack from rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz at a debate on Thursday as the party's establishment sought to unite behind a last-ditch anti-Trump effort.
The Fox News Channel debate became a mud-throwing fracas from the outset with tensions mounting over the New York billionaire's ascendancy and his drive to be the presumptive nominee should he win nominating contests in Florida and Ohio on March 15.
When the Fox questioners showed Trump changing his mind on a variety of topics from the Iraq war to whether to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, Trump shrugged. "You have to show a degree of flexibility," he said.
At center stage, Trump, 69, defended himself from criticism earlier in the day from 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney and faced further questions about his business record. Trump called Romney a failed candidate