Right-wingers disrupt performance at Cameri theater

Three right-wing activists on Monday disrupted a performance at the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv in protest of the letter signed by actors who have refused to perform in the West Bank.
National Union MK Michael Ben Ari, Itamar Ben Gvir and another activist, interrupted a performance by Anat Gov and directed by Edna Mayza called "Oh God." Gov and Mayza have signed the actors' letter refusing to perform at the new culture auditorium located in Ariel.
The three shouted, "Racist leftists" and "You would not dare boycott your enemies" at actors Oded Teomi, a senior Cameri actor, and Sara von Schwarze. Teomi attempted to tell the activists that he did not participate in the Ariel boycott.  Not being able to convince them, Teomi finally said, "Because of your behavior, maybe we should consider whether there is anything to perform to in Ariel."
Eventually the theater's security guards were able to escort the three out of the theater as they recieved applause from the audience. Security guards were warned prior to the performance as ushers witnessed a potential for provocation. However, the activists could not be barred from entering the performance since they had purchased tickets.
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