Rights group says Egypt's Sisi gets wide Western support despite rights abuses

CAIRO - Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's one-year tenure in office has witnessed human rights abuses and an escalation in violence by armed groups and the government, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.
The New York-based rights group called on Western governments to stop overlooking government abuses that it said included mass detentions, military trials for civilians and mass death sentences.
"The al-Sisi government is acting as though to restore stability Egypt needs a dose of repression the likes of which it hasn't seen for decades, but its treatment is killing the patient," Joe Stork, HRW's deputy Middle East and North Africa director, said in a statement.
"What makes it worse is that Western governments that subordinated human rights in their relations with Egypt during the Mubarak era seem ready to repeat their mistake."
Spokesmen for the interior and foreign ministries were not immediately available for comment. An official in the president's office declined to comment.