Rivlin says antisemitism an old phenomenon, neo-Fascists cant be pro-Israel

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that antisemitism is not a new phenomenon and that neo-Fascist movements could not be pro-Israel in an Interview with CNN.
"I have lived here long enough to know that antisemitism did not begin with Hitler or even with Dreyfus," the President said. "Antisemitism is a journey of 2,000 years that has different origins, racism, hatred of minorities, and other religious issues."
Reacting to a recent poll conducted by CNN according to which 20% of Europeans believed that Jews had an excessive influence on wars and conflict and other Jewish stereotypes, Rivlin said that he meets with world leaders who say "that they are required to form a coalition and they tell us, these are neo-Fascist movements, but they admire the State of Israel and I tell them, gentlemen This is impossible."
Rivlin said that it is no less important to teach about the Holocaust than to fight antisemitism as they are connected. "Holocaust denial requires our struggle no less than antisemitism, and today there are neo-Fascist movements that have a large and very dangerous influence that hold such positions and those movements very often," he said.