Rivlin to security forces: You're on the frontline of coronavirus battle

President Reuven Rivlin visited members of the security forces on Tuesday at the check-points and thanked IDF soldiers, police officers, and Border Police officers for their work.  
Israel was placed under general lockdown on Tuesday, preventing people from visiting family members in other cities and possibly infecting them with the virus.
The closure is expected to continue until Friday morning and is enforced by the security forces. 
“We are facing a health crisis, the like of which Israel never knew,” Rivlin told the officers present, “I trust your wisdom, maturity, and ability to contain (this situation).”  
Before Rivlin visited the checkpoints, he met with the temporary Chief of Police Motti Cohen and Interior Security Minister Gilad Erdan in the President’s residency. “We enforce restrictions on the free movement of many citizens,” Cohen said, “to keep the freedom to life for most of the public.”  
Erdan lauded police officers for their “endless dedication and sacrifice” and said he “trusts them.”