Russia confirms one of its warplanes downed in Syria, pilot killed

MOSCOW - A Russian Su-25 warplane was brought down in Syria's Idlib province on Saturday, and the pilot was killed during "a fight" after ejecting by parachute, the TASS news agency quoted Russia's Defense Ministry as saying.
Syrian rebels said previously on Saturday they had brought down the Russian plane.
Russia's Defense Ministry said that the aircraft was downed by a MANPAD portable surface-to-air missile during a flight around the de-escalation zone in the province. The pilot had reported that he ejected by parachute in the area, controlled by Al Nusra.
"The pilot died in a fight with terrorists," the ministry said.
Russia and Turkey, which is in charge of the Idlib de-escalation zone, are "taking measures" to return the body of the pilot, it added.