Salehi: Iran sees chance to improve ties with US

VIENNA - Iran's foreign minister said he sees a chance to improve ties with the United States, despite a long-running standoff with major powers over his country's disputed nuclear program.
Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung also quoted Ali Akbar Salehi as saying that Iran was reducing stockpiles of its most sensitive nuclear material, which the West fears could be used to make bombs. Iran denies seeking a nuclear weapons capability.
Asked whether US President Barack Obama's re-election could lead to a better climate between two nations that severed diplomatic ties more than three decades ago, Salehi said: "This environment is just being created and shaped. I think both sides want to use this opportunity."
Tehran struck an upbeat tone after talks this week with world powers ended with an agreement to meet again, but Western officials said it had yet to take concrete steps to ease their fears about its nuclear ambitions.