Sanders booed by House Democrats for not easing Clinton’s path

House Democrats booed Sen. Bernie Sanders on the floor Wednesday, sending him a strong message for not quitting his presidential campaign and endorsing Hillary Clinton.
The House of Representatives session in the morning directed intense questioning at Sanders, a Vermont Independent senator, about why he has not yet endorsed Clinton and given up his run for the sake of party unity, Politico reported.
Sanders defended himself against the booing to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying the reported situation was “a bit of an exaggeration” and the conflict stems from simple “differences of opinion.”
“We look at the world a little bit differently,” the senator said.
“What I’m trying to do and the reason I ran for president is to help transform this country, to deal with income and wealth, inequality, a declining middle class, the fact that so many of the young people leaving school deeply in debt.”
Sanders went on to praise Clinton’s policy announcement Wednesday that combined his higher-education proposals with hers and did acknowledge her as the presumptive Democratic nominee.