Sarkozy expected to be released after jogging collapse

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was recovering in a military hospital Monday as doctors watched his heart function, a day after he collapsed while jogging in hot weather, his office said. Doctors swiftly performed a series of tests on the 54-year-old president, who is known for his sportiness and activity. The Elysee Palace said Sarkozy's test results were normal but that doctors would keep him overnight under cardiological observation. Patrick Devedjian, France's minister for economic recovery and a close friend of Sarkozy, said the French leader would be discharged from the Val de Grace military hospital on Monday. "He's leaving [the hospital] today. That proves that he is doing well," Devedjian told RTL radio Monday. "We get the feeling that it's a little incident that could happen to anyone at some point in their life, above all when they are in tiring periods that can happen ... to anyone who works a lot."