Saudi border guards shoot Yemeni in border clash

SANAA - Saudi border guards killed a Yemeni man and wounded another on Tuesday when they opened fire on a group of Yemeni tribesmen who attacked construction workers building Saudi Arabia's security fence on the border with Yemen, a tribal chief said.
Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry, which is responsible for border security, denied that any clash had taken place on the border with Yemen.
Saudi Arabia, wary of traffickers and militants trespassing from Yemen, have been building a security fence along its 1,800 km (1,100 mile) border with the impoverished country since 2003.
The construction has been often halted by protesting Yemeni tribesmen, who say the fence prevents local tribes from reaching pastures for their livestock.
"We were caught by surprise this morning when construction of the fence had resumed," tribal chief Hussein Abu Dadra told Reuters.
"We fired on the construction company workers and the border guards fired back. We forced them to stop construction work."