Schalit negotiator Meidan to meet with Shamgar C'tee

David Meidan, who mediated the negotiations that led to the Gilad Schalit prisoner swap, is expected to meet this week with the Shamgar Committee, which is drawing up guidelines for conducting negotiations for the release of captive Israelis.
The Shamgar Committee, headed by former Supreme Court Justice Meir Shamgar,  was established by Defense Minister Ehud Barak in July 2008 after the bodies of  Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were returned to Israel in exchange for terrorist Samir Kuntar, four Hizbullah fighters, and the bodies of nearly 200 Lebanese and Palestinians.
The government held up publicizing the committee's recommendations until after a deal for Schalit was reached.  The committee is expected to present its recommendations to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Barak within the next two weeks.
Barak has said that once Schalit was released, Israel needed to draw up a new policy regarding future swaps, making clear both to the enemy and the Israeli public what price Israel would, and would not, be willing to pay in the future.
After Netanyahu and Barak review the Shamgar recommendations, they are expected to go to the cabinet for approval, and then to the Knesset.