Senior US envoy warns N. Korea to give up nuke program

A senior US envoy on nonproliferation warned North Korea to abandon its "provocative activities" and give up its nuclear weapons, speaking at a meeting with South Korean officials on the subject of new US sanctions against North Korea.
Robert Einhorn, the State Department's special adviser for nonproliferation and arms control, discussed the new sanctions unveiled two weeks ago, which target the sale and purchase of arms and related goods used to fund the communist regime's nuclear activities, and the acquisition of luxury items to reward its elite. The details of how and when the sanctions will be carried out have not been released.
"Our hope is that these measures will be effective, that they will provide strong incentives for North Korea's leaders to abide by their international obligations, not to pursue any provocative activities and to fulfill completely their commitments to de-nuclearization on the Korean peninsula," Einhorn told reporters outside South Korea's Foreign Ministry.