Shai: Netanyahu's idea of peace with Damascus is 'hasty and half-baked'

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Kadima MK Nahman Shai criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's shift from the Palestinian peace track to the Syrian one on Friday, calling the prime minister's initiative "hasty and half-baked." During a visit to Paris on Wednesday, the prime minister had expressed interest in renewing negotiations with Syrian President Bashar Assad - this time, with French mediation. Netanyahu "ostensibly" reaching out to Damascus is "only foreplay," asserted Shai, explaining that Israel was "rolling toward negotiations with Syria" without first taking measures to prepare the country's leadership, defense establishment and public for such a possibility. "If the prime minister were truly interested in peace talks with the Syrians, he would take a different course of action instead of hanging on to Assad's coattails on his way to meet with Sarkozy," Shai concluded in a press statement.