Shin Bet uncovers Hamas assassination plot against Israeli officer

Israeli security forces arrested several terror suspects in the central Israeli-Arab town of Jaljulya in recent weeks, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced Thursday.
During investigations, the Shine Bet revealed that Adam Ismail Muhammad Faqi, one of the detained terrorists received extensive training by Hamas leaders in Gaza, and in April 2017 was ordered to assassinate an Israeli officer as revenge for the death of a senior Hamas official killed on the Gaza Strip in March.  Adam was instructed by his Hamas counterparts to purchase ammunition, locate a place for the attack, and recruit another militant to help with the attack.
The Shin Bet added that the investigation displays the dangers posed between the criminal and security worlds, emphasizing the threat of weapons being passed from criminal to terrorist hands.
The Central District Prosecutor's Office filed indictments against the suspects for serious offenses under the Anti-Terrorism Law.