Shots fired at car of Ra'anana businessman Reifman

Shots fired at Raanana

In an apparent assassination attempt, a motorcyclist fired two shots at the car of businessman Eli Reifman on Sunday night, in Ra'anana. Reifman, the CEO of Emblaze Ltd., was leaving the firm's offices in his vehicle at the time of the shooting. He was unharmed, though his car sustained light damage. Reifman said neither Sunday night's attack nor the torching of another of his cars on Thursday would stop him appearing at court on Monday for a hearing on his appeal against an arrest warrant, Israel Radio reported. The warrant was issued after Reifman refused to hand over his shares in Emblaze to creditors as part of bankruptcy proceedings. Reifman owes his creditors $60 million. He also allegedly owes a large amount of money on the black market, and police said he received threats over the telephone the previous week.