Shuafat teen confesses seeking to 'kill Jews' in Jerusalem Light Rail attack

One day after stabbing a Jerusalem Light Rail security guard, one of the two juvenile assailants who carried out the attack told police that they intended to “kill Jews” to avenge a cousin, a terrorist who was shot dead last month after stabbing two police officers in the capital.
Surveillance footage from Tuesday’s attack in the northeast Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, shows Muawiyyeh Alkam, 14, and his cousin, Ali Alkam, 11, both of Shuafat, carefully observing the guard on the train, and then drawing their knives and pouncing on him when he is distracted.
The unidentified guard, 25, who was lightly wounded, was able to shoot the 11-yearold, while passengers restrained the other child until police arrived moments later.
On Wednesday, Muawiyyeh Alkam confessed to police that the attack was revenge for the death of their cousin, Muhammad Ali Alkam, 19, who stabbed two security officers outside the Old City’s Damascus Gate on October 10.
“I wanted to kill Jews to avenge my cousin, Muhammad, who was murdered at Damascus Gate,” Alkam told police during questioning.